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Race: ?

Human: Increased Gold income from Bank interest. Workers earn more Gold per hour and at the Workplace.

Dwarf: Have a chance to earn Gems from killing Orcs. Miners earn more Minerals per hour and at the Mines.

Elf: Have access to a special shop that sells Elf-only items. Lumberjacks earn more Wood per hour and at the Lumber Mill.

Class: ?

Warrior: 5% attack/defense increase, wear heavy armour and wield a two handed sword.

Assassin: 10% speed increase, chance to attack twice, wears leather armour and wield daggers.

Priest: Wear Robes and wield staves. Can prevent enemies from attacking them up to 10 times a day, heal themselves in battle and have free healing.

Mage: Wear Robes and wield staves. Have an extra attack that deals 100% of their intellect as damage and bypasses armour.


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